My idea came from spaghetti. At first I wanted to create something Italian , but not that obvious. So I came to this idea of spaghetti ceiling that will play the role of "ceiling path" for customers, and to provide light through out this forest of little yellow cylinders. I used this floor plan with middle entrance and L shape path for customers, so I can also separate areas in three: work, sit and order for take-out. Any other layout could be adapted from this idea because it has only few elements that should be followed: yellow spaghetti path, green ceiling, sitting in a line along the wall/window, and central sitting under the Tuscany flower. All of that can be placed in different layouts and can help create new space with great pasta. Talking about this three areas, in this sitting area, my idea was to play with Tuscany vibe, with flowers and Italian ceramics, with gold stone effect, that will create this feeling. It is warm, it has poly check tablecloths, picture frames with Italy landscape and architecture, and industrial lighting, enough to get some feeling of vintage/Italian style. On the walls there are vintage architecture and sculpture wallpapers that can help recreate the style of a old times , inspired with renaissance art. But also not to forget modern style with yellow sculpture inspired with it's traditional dish. Pasta machine is placed in the kitchen window, on the left side of the entrance, and that entire window shop is recreated in a manner of Caffè Florian in Venice , the oldest cafe in the world. That entire window can be decorated with Italian food samples, so the customers can see what is offered before they go in. The right side of the door, window shop where is placed sitting area, has simple design , with strong black frame in central window, and two wood elements taken from the left window shop . Entire facade is done with the same ceramics used for the interior design. This design might be the one that catches the eye and gives a surprise effect to the customers, because of its combination of modern and vintage,of amorphous ceiling and rectangular furniture layout, of light and dark colors, and red pasta machines, both inside and outside, that present creation of a great pasta that everyone want to see.