The idea of the project is to keep the traditional look of the interior of the apartment with the addition of new furniture and modern forms of treatment of floors and walls. That's why I wanted to keep the ornaments on the walls and ceilings as a special detail. I think that you are a young couple (I figure out that you are a young couple) with lots of interests and I hope that with merging of old and new with full color I managed to create a warm and lively ambiance. The idea is to tear down the walls between the living room, kitchen and dining room to give it a more open space for daily activities. Between the living and dining room I put a dividing wall, a combination of plasterboard and glass, so that more natural light could come into the apartment. On the wall there are two sliding glass doors, so you can have a closed kitchen when you want. Between the living room and the entrance are transparent library shelves. With that we have, at the same time openness to the front door, but do not direct exposure.