The project involves the functional and spatial reorganization of the office through the introduction of new elements of design with the aim of creating a young and dynamic environment.
The starting point of this project is the new arrangement of the existing desks (total 145 workstations).
In three open space environments, linked by passing through corridors, the desks are arranged as islands in such a way as to ensure the necessary space for each worker.
Compared to the actual orientation of desks, in the project they are placed perpendicular to the large glass surfaces in order to increase visual comfort, avoiding the reflections on the computer screen which create bothersome glares, fatigue and stress.
At the 4 corners of the office 4 meeting rooms hosting up to 4 people were inserted. The other two, respectively hosting up to 4 and up to 10 people, have been included in the central area of the office next to the event space.
The dynamism and speed of 500 startups are translated into these structures through the fragmentation of their forms.
The supporting structure is made of double layer lacquered mdf with a sound absorbing element placed inside in order to ensure adequate acoustic privacy.
Large windows are fixed laterally in order to ensure both a continuum with the outside and allow adequate natural lighting.
The lateral border is marked by bright colors that confer a captivating environment.
The Mdf walls can also serve as a board on which to write and attach photos, post it, messages of any kind.
The two meeting rooms arranged in the middle of the office (the one with 4 and 10 people), are next to an existing partition, painted black, that will function as a Blackboard both for users of the meeting rooms and for all those who are outside of them.
In a sheltered and discreet location 4 phone booths are arranged. Their characteristic cylindrical shape envelops the user creating a pleasant feeling of comfort and privacy.
The element (straight) that emerges from the cylinder is leaning against the wall in order to evoke the feeling that the phone booth is part of the walls of the office.
To emphasise this effect, the walls not affected by the structure of the phone booth, are covered by upholstered panels of the same color and materials so as not to create any separation of the visual effect.
In the project, the 3 cushioned wraps, are colored from black to white creating an elegant and delicate style that adapts well to their private nest.
In the side wings, alongside the desks, large open libraries are inserted. Their form is brought to life by the single square element from which they are composed.
The libraries are customizable in that the constituent element is modular and can be infinitely replicated and placed as you wish by creating pleasant effects of full and empty.
In order to give more personality to the bookcases, drawers and doors were colored accordingly using the same colors as the meeting room.
New shapes and bright colours make for a young and lively place where ideas become reality.

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