Dear client,
Architects rarely get sites to work on, which, so effortlessly allow the briefing requirements to fit on it.
A glimpse at the plot shows us that the west and southwest corner are the least private corners - the home should ideally have distance from these corners - this distance is occupied by the garage, access path and a space for children to play.
The corner giving maximum privacy is to the northeast - this gives us the ideal position for a private pool.
The spatial requirements of the rooms fit easily within the remaining space at the center of the site.

These seemingly perfect conditions allow us to design spaces with clean straight lines intersecting at right angles to mold pleasing surfaces and volumes.

The home itself is approached a little differently - the living and dining space function visually as one with the pool area. Glass sliding panels create a verandah of the passage allowing even the private bedrooms to open indirectly to the poolside.

These openings into the pool area allows comfortable north light and morning sunlight to filter into the living spaces.

The spacious rooms, volumes proportioned to human scale, oneness with the outdoor poolside and the pleasant day lighting - together work to bring a serene environment to the interior spaces.

The external aesthetics of this design tries to bring in your preference of a blend of classical (the overall shapes, forms and texture) and modern (the clean elevations and sleek appearance).