Development of a new format for an Italian-style pizzeria al taglio with industrial-style nuances. After an analysis of the customer's requests, a project was developed designed for both on-site consumption and take-away. In the counter area there are the necessary equipment for the activity as well as for the display and sale of pinsa, appetizers, mixed fried foods, focaccia, craft beers, desserts. From the plan you can see the strategic position of the counter (facing the entrance), from which through a filter area you can access the kitchen, the washing area and the storage. A separate food conservation area has been created. High tables have been placed near the counter, useful for the direct consumption of the product. To the left of the entrance there is a shelf where it is possible to stop waiting for an order and have a beer. As for the finishes, we propose a resin flooring, white brick cladding on some walls and an anthrax-colored ceiling to make the environment more intimate. The natural wood used to cover the counter and tables makes the room more welcoming.