The new interior design for the store is based on the logo shape, used for drop ceiling and for the freestanding furniture, to ensure that the shop is istantly recognisable.
The drop ceiling is really easy to do: it is made of wood frame, decorated with colored ropes as a weaving loom.
The freestanding floor display is big enough to hang on a lot of clothes, and have two different height, so they can be used for long dresses or coats, and offer an additional surface on the top for folded clothes or accessories.
There are two type of wall display: the first one is a traditional one, and it looks like a classical closet, so the people can feel at home (a really positive sensation that can have a good influences on shopping attitude). The second display is a versatile way of merchandising apparel : it can be easily setted for different kind of clothes or accessories. It's perfect to highlight the new collection or limited edition.