The new skin uprises from the initial thought to adjust the surrounding space into a reduced budget. So, it is got a sustainable and saving design which is able to materialize the inner envelope of the new space: using 675 mooring rope strips - Ø16 mm - with standard height 3.500mm (2.362,5 mt x 0,90 euros/mt = 2.200 euros).
So, we have created a sinusoidal line via which you get the material vision of clothes, its visual and haptic border line. Thanks to the second skin is created an exhibiting continuous line along all the walls of the shop. Along the convex portions there are the wall rack, in the concave lines are placed the display low tables.
The ceiling whispers the space, the equals widths between vertical strips are deformed at distance through turns and folds, the peripheral lightning developes the link between the new envelope and the preexistent one. So, it is able to perceive that the clothes -with its numerous colours- get into the both skins.
The central area of the store is occupied by the rack and the central table, which guide the visitor's gaze into the background where it is the cash counter.
The space is completed by the dressing area and the storage and office room.