Hello Alessandra,

If you love the look of beautifully smooth grey and white interiors as I do, then this is a great home designed for you.

With minimal intervention with the walls you will have one open space plus a kitchen with an island, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and one representative entrance.

A cozy yet modern sofa, a soft area rug, curtains and wall paintwork are all smooth shades of grey with a modern touch. The modern sofa is an L-shape that acts as a divide between the lounge and kitchen space. A white breakfast bar (island) in the kitchen is accented with two white and inox kitchen stools. The kitchen is organized in a line, in a minimal, but most importantly functional way. First comes the refrigerator, then the food preparation area with water utilities, and finally the cooking area with an oven, featuring the island as a place for serving opposite.

White decorative vases, scatter cushions and a coffee table are all presented as unpatterned accents that lift the scheme by their very simplicity. A glass dinning table and dinning chairs are situated directly next to a white and grey kitchen island. The light is provided by 3 main LED lines to brighten the whole dinning and living space and one minimal inox chandelier is in the middle of the dinning space to make for a more private atmosphere. There are some details added with another color (my suggestion is red), but feel free to add what color you like because every color looks good in the balance of grey and white.

The bedrooms are simple and modern, with minimal color added. There is a functional space for working or a make up table if you want to add it, as well as a lot of space for a wardrobe and for all the storage you have. The main bathroom has direct ventilation and in the cabinet is the washing machine and all of the things you'll need for washing and cleaning. The second bathroom has indirect ventilation through the main bathroom and it's a small guest bathroom with minimal tiles and decorations.

I hope you'll like my design :)

Yours sincerely,

Larga 11


Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy