New structure of apartment is based on an open plan concept for living and dinning area. As whole apartment is linear in its floor plan, spaces are connected one by one.
From entrance to the living area is a long hallway, that has one closet for jackets and shoes. Living area is in same space with kitchen and dinning area. It has comfortable sofa with pillows, one armchair and coffee table. On the blank wall is hanged Led TV. Also with plants and floor lamps, creates warm environment. Dinning area has 4 chairs with red accents and glass table. Next to it is created small library shelf with lockers. Kitchen is simple with all necessary appliances. Both Bathrooms have showers and the big one next to the master bedroom has laundry machine and dryer for clothes. Next to the living room is single room that has one bed, working desk and shelves for stuff. Closet for this room is in a hallway. Master bedroom is big and comfortable at the end of the apartment and has big closets, makeup desk for wife, that can also be small working area if needed. Also idea with the small side closet is that TV can emerge from it, when you want to watch movie from your bedroom.
All aspects from requirements are put in this apartment and added some new ideas that can make life more comfortable and better for the whole family.

Larga 11


Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy