Greetings dear client, the following project aims to rehabilitate the office into a living space while remaining affordable.

The space being in lenght, the internal partitionning will be kept as intact as possible and will be modified a minimum to keep the cost low. The partitionning between the dinning room and the corridor will be taken down to create visual and spatial continuity. In the entrance, the space of the corridor will be taken advantage of by containing the beggining of the kitchen appliances that will continue and end into the living room.

The furnitures are simple, modern and affordable to create a confortable and affordable living space. The solution for some of them will allow to take advantage of the reduced space (for exemple the dinning table that can be retracted at will).

The bathrrom will have the same spirit of simplicity and modernity. The first two room on the left will be turn into the main bedroom, with a private bathroom and walking closet.

Keep in mind that the furnitures and their color can be chosen to the client tase.

Cordially, enjoy the project.

Larga 11


Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy