Dear Client,
Im excited to work on this project and present you idea of restaurant design.
Place is designed following requirements and fulfills idea so of eating/dining place but also as place for working, and feels cozy and enjoyable both ways.
Materials are mostly combination of wood and metal in different forms, giving it sense of industrial, vintage but also trendy, young, natural and eco. And the beauty is that every piece of wood details could be easily manufactured.

Restaurant by this design should has around 70 seating places divided in few columns. This number of seating is optimal for the space, its not ruining aesthetics , and allows good circulation through restaurant.
In the center of restaurant are two communal long tables by "dutchglobe" made of wood (there are 2d/3d drawings of tables on their website, it could help you in manufacturing), they are merged and divided by tree. Plants should have significant role in this design really give a touch of relaxing area. it could be natural or artificial, depends on conditions. Area with communal tables should consider as working area.
The rest of tables are carefully placed around, in groups or single so it satisfies small or larger groups of people seating together.

Counter bar should be custom made of palletes or recycled wood to get the look like on renders. Its combined with marble tiles in the place that is intended to be something like bar foot rail. There are also led strips under working top, and place for feet. Dwg file is attached. So for bar shelves that should be custom made of wood, with mirror in the back. They could also be illuminated with led strips like on render. It does look very effective.
For the wall coating I choose combination of wooden slats and wooden rings, it gives place dynamic and also looks interesting as decorative detail.
Also, as you see on 3d visualization, I gave suggestion of flooring if somehow you manage to change flooring, but also think that current design could easily look nice with current flooring solution.
Feel free to tell me if you have any doubts.
And I hope you will like this proposal.