I applied the industrial design that you gave in your restaurant. We can't touch the flooring, so I changed only wall coverings with gray brick and red colour. The reason why I used red in this proposal is to combine it with gray brick so it won't bother people's eyes with only having one type of material (gray brick) in the design. I created one wall surface in front of the certain circular wall to let you put your logo and restaurant name. It is also in good place where people enter the restaurant and see it easily. I put bamboo plantings with spot lighting in front of the other circular walls with red colouring behind to give the design more attractiveness. There are 68 seatings (62 with desks, 6 in bar area), and all the tables and chairs are what you have purchased. I used cabinets and industrial decorations on the walls in most appropriate places. I used different kind of lighting elements to achieve best design proposal. I covered the vending machines with metal plate which is the same material with the columns, bar etc. I put 3 large tables with 6 seatings as you mentioned in message board. For any questions or revisions please do not hesitate to contact me.
P.s. I combined furniture and finishes layout in one document and I did the same thing with Autocad files of floor plan, lighting plan and ceiling plan. I couldn't upload all renders in render section (page didn't allow it) so I upload all renderings and 3d floor plan in 3d floor plan section.