The goal was to create an open and interesting industrial looking space with natural wood materials, industrial looking concrete walls, metal (chairs, lights and ceiling) and lots of plants. All 40 of your tables and 100 chairs are used and a bench is added so the total people capacity is 102, without making the place crowded and uncomfortable. Zones are created for different types of visitors (single, group, group working, family, business) so that everyone can feel comfortable and welcomed.
The furniture is placed in a way that doesn't compromise comfort and can also be easily rearranged for different occasions.
Possibility of closing a part of the space for a more intimate zone that can be used for organized gathering of people for birthdays, business lunch etc. is a great way to add an extra offer that can be interesting to customers (shown in drawings). One of the interesting things in this space is the central part of the restaurant where tables are organized as a large communal table, accented with a suspended wooden ceiling construction that “interrupts” the open space. Here large groups of people can sit and have a lunch while working together on laptops, sharing ideas and having a fun time, also single visitors can sit and feel like a part of the crowd or choose a more secluded zone which this restaurant also offers.