Main idea:
The key moment of the project, is to open the house space towards the mountain view on the west. So there were created large open space on the first floor, which continues on the second and ends up with the master bedroom with large panoramic windows pointed to the northwest. In the same time, house is separated from south and east, to reach a comfort level of privacy.

It was chosen to use very traditional shape of the house, to reach harmony with the neighborhood houses. On the other hand, the modern finishing materials, large amount of glass and the overhanging terrace makes the whole house to look very modern.

There was a desire to make possible to separate kitchen from the living space. So the wooden sliding grate was designed. It slides both ways, to allow to close up an entrance zone as well. With doing its functions, this grate still makes a strong accent to the entire room.
Another accent of the whole interior space is a large two-level chandelier. It serves to unite the space of first and second floors, and to become the nominal centre of the house.
The colors of the interior was chosen to be very light, with small dark accents and some light wooden surfaces, to add some warmth to the space. All these makes house to look very bright and spacious.

Home Sweet Home!


Bulciago, Province Of Lecco, Italy