Dear Client,
A visible element in the apartment you own are the thin dark lines. The lines can be seen in the grout of the flooring. Similar dark line cab be seen around the entrance door. Small patches of black are also seen in the switch boards. These, though small, have a strong effect on the over visual play in the room. It would seem that if we continue these dark lines and emphasize them, they would allow us to insert in a color of our choice, without it disturbing the color balance in the room. The reference images you provided, teal or a light greenish - blue looks to be a shade you prefer.

On seeing the images provided by you, the wardrobe appears to be stifling the openness of the living area. Moreover, a wardrobe finds better and more convenient use when placed in an area near the bathroom. Therefore the existing wardrobe is shifted to a position facing the bathroom. 2-3 cm gap would have to be closed with a strip of ply-wood/ mdf. This makes it a private changing room. The coat hangers could simply be fixed on the doors of the wardrobe.

The rear side of the shifted wardrobe becomes the wall to mount the TV. All wiring and cables of the TV can now be managed from within the wardrobe.
In doing so, the living area gets another cozy niche in which an arm chair and a unit for storage/books/mementos could find place.
A white curtain at the entrance of the passage would ensure reflectance of natural light from the balcony into the kitchen and living areas while also giving privacy in case of guests.

The existing double armed light fixture only needs to be rotated such that the arms are now pointing to the two corners of the living area. This ensures additional light in the living areas and less (but sufficient) light in the kitchen.

As an added suggestion, the existing picture in the living area would look more as one with the room if re-framed in a sleek black frame. Similarly, any subsequently added pictures should also be framed in black.

Elegant Miniflat


23900 Lecco, Province of Lecco, Italy