Dear client,
A child coming into the world is something beautiful. The child becomes the center of our lives. We make room for that child in our hearts.
He eventually grows and learns to stand up. Once this happens, suddenly, he finds a whole new sense of freedom. He can now move about with ease.
Now the child requires space. He can walk and run about and climb stairs and skip from one room to another. Between 2-10 years of his age, the child must be given this space for the proper development of his mind and body.
Hence, we must try and open up the plan. To do so, furniture must be optimized and the best possible use must be made of the space available.

Simple tweaking in the layout of the internal walls allows us to create a free-flowing circulation between the living-garage-kitchen. Now, the garage can be converted into the dining space. A deep storage closet partly below the staircase could be used to store the articles which are currently stored in the garage. The washing machine-drier could now be placed in the additional area provided in the bathroom. (Hopefully the provided space is sufficient for storage of these items). The stone cladding on the wall in the living room could form an interesting surface if reused in the triangular niche created between the dining-kitchen-bathroom.

If the existing unit that holds the TV and books is discarded, the existing sofa could be shifted to that position. We now have the entire wall above the sofa leading to the staircase to mount photo-frames in the pattern you desire. The TV could be mounted on the opposite wall which could also hold the books and frames within the existing doorway (see drawings).
With the sofa and dining table out of the way, the living room will now feel much more spacious and airy.
The opening on the shorter length wall of the garage must be converted into a large full length window with access to the outside.

With these changes, we can achieve a sufficient amount of natural light without having to resort to major civil changes. Moreover, the child now has the opportunity to run out of the house from one opening and enter from the other facilitated by the open plan. This creates a more playful environment for him and his future friends.

A New Cozy Home For 3


35030 Selvazzano Dentro, Province of Padua, Italy