Dear Client,

The main chalenge in this project was small area of the apartment so in order to create the most of the functionality something had to be cut down. My idea was to have small bedroom in order to have bigger living area.
The bedroom has the division wall with two sliding doors so the bed has the acces to the both sides independently. The living area consists of the entrance area, kitchen area and living room area. They are not divided with doors because it contributes to the impression of a much bigger space and also because these spaces also overlap in physicall and in functional meaning. In that way you can adjust the space to your current needs. It can support the dinner party for up to six persons, but also you still have a separated space for two persons to sleepand live comfortably. You also have a kitchen of a reasonable size, considering the total area of the apartment. In order to make the kitchen as big as possible I kept your first idea and provided the washing/drying machine in the outdoors.

I hope you like my effort to design the apartment that you will love and use with pleasure!
Best regards!