Dear customer,
We propose a simple, clean and functional design of the two level office.
In particular for the ground floor, we designed two options one with more cubicles and office space and the other with a direct access from the entrance to the spare part area (See drawing n.1-2).
On the first floor we designed the use of the space in a rational way, with the manager office in a central and key position, with easy access to all the departments, including a direct connection with the meeting room.
The Marketing department has an open space office with modern central tables that can be use in two different configurations (See drawing 3) allowing work, meeting ,training .. etc.
To solve the problem of all the documents and files we propose in the file room and in the account room the use of a beautiful office forniture by BALMA, called "J_SYSTEM | Office storage unit with tambour doors". You can find more information on the following link:
I hope you enjoy our project! Cheers