This project has been developed in three different solutions and only one was chosen to design its interior.
The interior of this apartment is conceptualized in contemporary stylewith modern, minimalistic and industrial features. The furnitures were chosen from medium-high priced furniture stores with great quality products and a part of them will be custom-made.
The designed variant opts for an open space living room with kitchen and hallway incorporated.
In the middle of the living area it’s collocated a fireplace as the center of the house and, at the same time, as visual room divider in order to create different kind of spaces.
In this solution, you can find no classic hallway and the wardrobe has been integrated with the living space and the rest of the house as an important part of it. There are no visual limits thanks to the glass frame that separates the various spaces.
The day and night area has been divided due to the functionality and comfort of the apartment. The master bedroom has been provided with a private bathroom, as required, and a wardrobe. At the opposite side, has been placed the other facilities such as the shared bathroom, laundry and bedroom/studio.