Dear Client,

Here you can find how I imagine your future Apartment. Considering that the space is pretty much bright, with white walls and huge windows, I used a lot of different colors and shapes with intention to add some character to it, which would be the most similar to you wishes and style.
The furniture I chosen is mostly made in Scandinavian countries, with minimalistic design and bold colors. Regarding accessories, I recommend you to use Boomingville pieces, as their beautiful design with pastel colors will perfectly fit with the rest of furniture.
Walls remain the same, except one dark gray wall in dining area which will provide the necessary contrast in space. I recommend you to use wood flooring, which will provide warmth and cozy atmosphere and balance.
In the master bedroom I used Casamance curtains, so You can protect yourself from unwanted sunlight in the early morning.
I hope you will like the design.

Best regards