Dear Client,
we designed a project that can be realized in three consequential steps. You can decide which level provides you with the best results and you can easily upgrade it to the next step at a later stage.

STEP 1: This phase of the project concerns the renovation only of the interior part of the building and does not include many masonry works except for the demolition of the false ceiling. The restaurant has 42 seats and the bar 20.

STEP 2: This phase of the project suggests also the renovation of the exterior space, creating a terrace in the callejón. There are 24 seats outside that are protected from the direct sunlight by shading curtains.

STEP 3: This phase of the project includes a refurbishment of the toilets that are moved from the present position to a place that enables a better exploitation of the spaces. In this version there is a direct communication between the kitchen and the area where the customers choose the meat. The number of seats of the restaurant increases to 50.

We decided to study the second solution (STEP 2) in depth, because we think that this choice is the most cost – effective; furthermore it is also possible to upgrade it easily to the STEP 3 anytime.

As requested, we included a place for craft beer serving, separated from the restaurant. There is also a place where customers can select the meats that is near the kitchen. All spaces have been separated in order that two different commercial activities are combined, that is they co-exist and cooperate.

The most used materials are raw wood, concrete, rusted metal, Carrara marble, blackboard effect wall paintings and used leather.
The use of old materials gives a vintage/industrial chic look to the interiors.
The project for exteriors has bright colors and the use of wing-shaped shading curtains gives a sensation of lightness.

We are confident that this project not only meets the requirements of the contest, but also represents a nice and effective solution for the creation of a restaurant of marked originality.