Dear Client,
For your restaurant I got inspiration from butcheries and cattle farms using materials such as marble, wood, metal net and hanging hooks. I realized two configuration of the dining area organization with different size and kind of table: bar stool, tables for 2,3 or 4 people and "friendship table"up to 8 people to share the table even with people you don't know. This will create a very amiable and warm atmosphere. The floor and the wall with concrete finish at sight. The ceiling will be mettallic to reflect the shine of lighting fixture. The furniture will be made of rustic wood with leather cuscion. The wall in the back will have drawing of bovine meat cuts and logo of the restaurant. The counter will have the craft beer and drink area, meat display and grill area ( if you don't want to have it at sight this space can be used just to prepare cold food or drinks). External area will have vases with plants and edera in the back wall.

Hope you will enjoy