The project aims to create a space which offers customers an immersive experience and where cooking is the protagonist. For this reason I propose a great bar/counter space detached from the wall, central and visible, with all the tables arranged around. It is a large furniture element covered with rough wood that hides all the appliances: the part close to the entrance is the beverages sector, with beer taps and the part close to the kitchen is the food sector. To facilitate direct access bar - food one of the two existing bathroom blocks is eliminated. The other bathrooms block is optimized to be wheelchair accessible.
This structure allows both an optimization of the covers number without sacrificing space for the bar and the creation of different spots and situations: on the left along the wall a series of high tables for 2 people, on the right a series of tables per 4 people and at at the bottom there is a more peaceful and intimate space. In total, inside, there are 74 covers.
For the external area, connected to the inside through a new door right in front of the kitchen, I propose a scaffolding temporary structure which can be decorated with lanterns, bulbs, curtains, climbing plants, etc.
Regarding furniture I propose rough/industrial style elements by Maisons du Monde. The wall shelves visible in the renders are custom made.
Decoration is made up of a rough and recycled materials mix, such as rusty reinforcing wire meshes (wall elements, hanging elements), wooden cutting boards, meat hooks, old doors, firewood. The beer taps are customized using various kitchen utensils like butcher knives, forks, spoons, etc. Each beer it is associated with a particular tool that can become an icon reference in the menu.
Floors are a mix of polished concrete plates, coloured epoxidic resin and rough wood planks.

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