We have imagined Venice Glass Art Shop as a space that is uniformed in terms of materialization, due to the variety of products being offered. Our idea was to create a modern but modular sistem of interier recognized as visual identity of your shoop, and very reapply on future space. Therefore, the space is coated in modular sistem of standard size of plywood, which is cut off on a triangles that creates a mosaic on the floor. The rest of the space is colored in dark color. Plywood is also placed on individual walls. The space is divided into three zones: entrant space with high shelves on which the exhibits are set, a gallery where murano replica of the painter are placed and a gallery space where there are also shelves with exhibits. The entire space is conceived as a kind of museum with carefully sorted exhibits in one functional line. So every exhibit has its place. We hope we fulfill expecations according design and funcionality.