Hello! Introduce to you the concept of a truly grand space!
Working with such a building is a pleasure, it dictated all the decisions to us.
1 we changed the roof structure and abandoned the room with the projector.
2 changed the design of the balcony, removing the inclined tribune.
3 designed a new level above the balcony, using a prefabricated metal frame.
4 Aligned the existing floor on the first floor and lowered the scene below.

As a result, we received:

Extended corridor with reception and waiting area.
It is also suitable for small exposures.

Flexible workspace on the ground floor, which transforms into
large exhibition or lecture hall and can accommodate an impressive number of guests at the same time.

Very unusual and memorable recreation area for your company employees. This area is located on the balcony. It has a kitchen, several lounge areas and table tennis. This is a very unusual and cool space, your employees will definitely feel special.

Additional level. At this level, we have placed a closed office, a small lounge area as well as an excellent conference room with the ability to divide it into two separate ones.

We tried to put the soul into your space, and are ready to continue working on it.
Thank you for the great competition and the opportunity to express yourself in such unusual forms.
I hope you appreciate the result.

Please use the link to see the scheme:



La Spezia, SP, Italy

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