Dear Client,

This was a very complicated project. First, there is the limitation in total height of extension and bruto area. Second, there is progressing height difference in floor levels. Third, there is really narrow front and rear façade of the building. Because of this, there is no typical floor. But, we have managed to gain more or less flexible space, with light gypsum walls on all floors.

It is important to mention, since this is concept project, variations are possible. For example: closing some part of glass facade, console terraces, etc., according to your wishes and possibilities.

We present you our project, which was taken into careful consideration.

Our aim was to create shape with new extension that will allow natural light and ventilation of the staircase and corridor, and also to form wider glass façade on the extension. Ground floor stays the same, except area behind staircase, where atrium (garden) is being created. Thais atrium has height of back extension.
Shapes of extension on first and second floor are the same, except that first floor extension has big terrace, and second floor extension has small side terrace.
*this is visible on building model renderings

Ground floor and first floor form single tree bedrooms apartment, with internal staircase, two bathrooms, sauna, study (guest bedroom) and open space and wide living area.
We prepared two options for second and attic floor. Depending on whether these floors will be used as single or two apartments, staircase is becoming space for internal or common use.
option1: as a single tree bedroms apartment, it consists of sleeping area: tree bedrooms (on one floor), living area (on attic floor), two bathrooms, sauna.
option2: as two separate apartments:
On second floor is two bedroom apartment: living area, bathroom, two bedrooms.
On attic floor is single bedroom apartment (because of the slope of the roof usable area is smaller than on the floor below).

We have taken into consideration (with light gypsum walls) that these two floors could be easily transformed from option1 to option2, in case needed. That`s why openings in existing walls are made to support any option, and bathrooms are at the same place.

Old and new floor levels are clearly visible on section trough the building and the way they are connected.

We hope that you will be satisfied with project.
Best regards,