on the main facade there is a glass storefront decorated with hand pasta machines, herbs, wheat and flour - all reminding of nature, traditional pasta making and Italian cuisine. in the same time, people passing by will see the interior of the pasteria and visitors eating inside. the interior is rather dark as the main color is dark gray but warm because of natural wood floors, bar counter, table tops, rattan stools, plywood elements and warm lights. There are also several red elements, such as a part of the wall and three chandeliers - this combination make he interior cozy and welcomming. The service counter and its back wall is a kitchen-like element, with sink, oven, heater tops, small fridge and herb storage installed in it. lover part of this counter has tray for herbs - a small but interesting green element in the design. on the other wall of the dinning zone there are some posters with panoramas of Italy. All the doors have a hidden frame construction, so they do not "cut"the walls with their geometry. The pasta lab is covered with white square tiles, so is the kitchen - this rooms have to look very hygienic and strict, so the visitors an trust the quality of your product. The past lab has 2 glass walls, so people will see the machine and the kitchen is enclosed, though the technical connection between them is provided. The is a small storage near the kitchen and a staff room, where they can change dresses or relax a bit and a WC both for visitors and staff. It is proposed to cover the WC in light gray tiles - more practical color that demands not that much cleaning. The total proposed area for the pasteria is 665 sq.f. it can be cut down to almost 500 if you don't need an extra storage and a staff room.

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