Ambience of pasta bar Rezdora is designed in the spirit of the Italian tradition, but in line with modern times. The entrance area is in the glass and in the window are exposed machines for pasta, which will visualize the freshness of ingredients that are used. The building is divided into 8 parts - three for preparation and sale of pasta and 5 for clients. The total number of seats is 22, of which 12 are low and 10 high seating.
Following inspirations of client, space is in compromise with industrial design, which consists of a combination of wood, metal and concrete. In the interior we have added two more materials, such as tiles that are traditional designed and black waterproof walls that are in accordance with tiles, and also with the rest of the interior and on which are inscribed the Italian quotes about food.

Details such as lighting, metal shelves and chairs its colors evoke the authentic colors of Italy.

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