The main objective of the design is to incorporate the characteristics and the values of the DIS brand and to express them through a strong concept. Everything about the design of the new showroom is about making the customers live a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. A catwalk of shoes that ascend into an “exclusive world of higher values and freedom" invites the customers to join this refined experience. Everybody can be a CREATOR, everybody can be DIVINE.

The catwalk comprises of a red carpet and 2 sets of ascending steps, each consisting of 8 pairs of steps. The catwalk divides the showroom in different spaces:
(A) a viewing and choosing area, where the customers can choose the model, materials or colours of their shoes from samples on the first set of steps,
(B) a fitting and measuring area, where the customers can see the production process on the second set of steps, make measurements and try out shoe samples and finally
(C) the counter area, where the customers can see their order on the 3D configurator, finalize their order and make their payment.

The two sets of steps are made of shoe-lasts hanging firmly on steels rods. The lasts can be old wooden lasts/ plastic or cast (plaster). In the FUTURE, when the women’s collection comes out, the two sets of steps can be used to display men’s and women’s shoes accordingly.

The bottom of the surrounding long walls and the bottom of the counter are covered with mirrors (to a height of 60cm), so that the customers can see how shoes fit them.
The walls are covered with custom wallpaper with a repeating “DIS” logo or they are just painted black as a cheaper choice. A big “DIS” logo is placed on one side and a big “design-italian-shoes” is placed on the other. The ceiling is painted black. Two lighting tracks with spotlights run along the two long walls (all fittings are black). The only piece of furniture is the iconic Kartell Louis Ghost chair (original or replica depending on short budget).

In total, the design offers a new way of displaying shoes (without the need of typical displays) keeping budget to a minimum (as there are no new constructions or expensive materials used), while at the same time telling a story, making the customers feel they are unique, and offering a strong concept for the brand’s future stores.