Hello dear customer.
First of all I want to thank you for an interesting competition,
I must say that this was not an easy task, since the object consists of several levels and is located on a rather serious relief.

I had to make some changes,

They touched the outdoor terrace, some doorways, stairs, roof, and I added the elevator for your apartment.

So, I am pleased to present you my solution for your task.
 I created three apartments on the first two levels, for this I had to move the technical room to another room in the basement.

In each apartment we have a double bedroom with a separate bathroom, a small bedroom with a single bed, and a small living room which can accommodate one guest.

I used the entire top floor for your apartments, I managed to design all the rooms that you wanted.

In a separate house I made a general kitchen and dining room, downstairs small spa.

These are only conceptual solutions, for the implementation of which a lot of additional design work is needed, which I will gladly do for you if you appreciate my work.

Best Customer Service ever 🙂

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