Presented design is a result of a careful blending of traditional aesthetic principles with concepts of contemporary living. My approach is to take the best of the both worlds as I find it mandatory if to create a pleasant and comfortable abode in such an outstanding environment in which the apartment is placed. This kind of context obligates even more to pay the special attention on every detail of the interior space. Starting from entrance lobby, every room offers a different ambient regarding colors and style which in turn expands the experience of a dynamic space as a whole. The lobby is dominated by light colors and a large mirror adds to the sense of a wider room, while the punch of the ornate ceramic floor gives a hint of the pitoresque residence to any visitor. Living room, dinning room and kitchen compose one volume of space, but the kitchen and dinning are discreetly separated from living area by elegant elliptical arch. The whole area is enhanced with an exquisite trompe l'oeil painting which highlights the most prominent wall in the dining room. Furthermore, two arched frames are working together to yield the sense of a large arcade space. Master bedroom is bright, soft and gentle to all senses, and the adjoining bathroom veneered in bold stone slabs introduces more of a vivid flavor, yet keeping the warm and delightful feel. Studio room, equiped with delicate transitional style furniture and tinted by mild and cool colors, provides a calm working atmosphere. Small room is a charming place with a cheerful and lively spirit suitable for student. Small bathroom is featured with a pronounced contrast of the bright and dark mosaic walls which in synergy with abundant light and reflections remarkably improves the ambience. Art plays the substantial role in enriching soul and character of this precious home. Fine contemporary pieces should be present all-around, but a touch of few classical artworks are desirable as well.