Hello Dera client,

The most interesting thing about our proposal is the new space configuration. we demolished the wall between the bedroom and the office and replace it with a smoother separation: a metallic gold screen, the desk, and the bedhead are now the separation between the two spaces: giving you the feeling of a bigger space. We also replaced the wall between the office and the living room with a glass wall: for a brighter space allowing more light to get in. For the living area, the kitchen has an island as you asked and make with the TV area one big open space. For the bedroom, the closet is set in the wall in front of the bed and integrate a TV too. The access to the office and the bedroom is the same in our proposal: we wanted to gain some space and also make the bedroom more intimate, but if you want a separate entry to the bedroom it is also possible, you just add another sliding door. As for the finishes, Grey, wood and gold touches are the main elements of our moodboard. We hope you like it!