The apartment is visually divided into two distinct parts: living area and the sleeping area. The living area, which includes the kitchen, dining room and living room, is located on the south and sleeping area on the north side of the apartment. There is also an entrance area, and next to it is a small storage. There are two accesses to the sleeping area. One is closer to entrance and the other is in the middle of living area, closer to the bathrooms. In the sleeping area there are tree bedrooms and two bathrooms as required. Both of them are accessible from the corridor. One is small laundry area for washer and dryer with a toilet and little sink, and the other is larger with a bath tub and the shower, toilet and two sinks, as required. Two bedrooms are guest/children bedrooms with single beds. The third one is master bedroom with a wardrobe/closet witch can be expanded to the entrance room if there is no need for storage room in the middle. Thank You!