Project Name: Geometric Unity

The house is located within a very interesting site filled with opportunities. It deserves a beautiful and functional garden to complement it and make use of the Italian climate.

I approached this project by looking directly at the client’s needs, instructions, aspirations and other project examples. The attractive Garden A becomes the focal point of the house with play and relax functions complementing each other. The garden is encircled by flowers, plants, trees and vegetables making it an oasis of and a green spectacle within a rather urban environment. This also links the house with the green hill which can be enjoyed while relaxing on the loungers. Garden B acts as a green buffer zone between the house its driveway entrance. A large cherry tree provides shade to the dining area where friends can gather for a nice meal both during the day and night.

It has been a great pleasure working on this project. I hope you find it suitable to your needs and interests. Thank you!

Andreas Leonidou

The Secret Garden


Peveragno, Province of Cuneo, Italy

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