The House proposes a variety of orientations in order to take advantage of all surrounding natural features as the views to the lake and the mountains and is also placed according to the cardinal orientatio. By stacking and extruding volumes in the shape of the archetipal house they create a complex spatial configuration defined by serving and served spaces where the boundary between inside and outside is blured. The interior is designed as a sequence of spaces that wrap around an inner courtyard which is the heart of the house. one volume combines the kitchen, dinning and living room with the the best spot to see the sunset. The other one accomodates the main access, the vertical circulation, the storage and services. The third volume that sits on the other two groups all the bedrooms with views to the mountains. From the jacuzzi in the master bedroom there is the best views of the mountains and the sunset. The intersection between all of these volumes creates surprizing diagonal views inside the house and also towards the landscape.
Regarding the tecnologies and materials envisioned for the house you can find more information on the images of 'furniture' and on the links below:
As for the details of the floor plans and the 3D, they can be modeled in a further phase.

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Bulciago, Province Of Lecco, Italy