We would like to create a fresh interior that resemblance outdoorsy garden foyer / patio with vintage furniture and lots of indoor planters. By using raw materials (brickwork, concrete, black steel, plants, wood, as well as cork panels, the interior is set to create relaxing informal ambiance, where people can feel like they are working in their terrace garden. We also introduce rounded shapes to soften the original structure, and visually create a series of aesthetic arched door glasses as partition between the co-working and meeting spaces. The furniture layout is quite flexible, taking advantage of using colorful and vintage chairs, where people can flexibly adjust the seating (whether they want to have individual work desks or allow some people to work side by side with them for discussions/group working).

The arc-shape white wall was meant to preserve its original function as bearing walls (to support the roof, the one with 400 mm thickness), but at the same time can allow you to have openings to the meeting rooms at multiple points, since arc-shape would bear load better than eliminating the walls.

The layout is simple, yet flexible. And we avoid to use complicated decorations or too many clutters. Instead, we encourage you to buy vintage or used chairs that you can re-paint with colors then mix and match.

This co-working and collaboration space would attract young professional and students, because the interior is modern, warm, fresh, and simply instagrammable :)

Free Working Padova


Padua, Province of Padua, Italy