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Based on the task and surface restrictions, the project is focuses on ensuring that the house is as functional as possible and uses every available square meter.
The exterior of the house is formed as a result of the formation of an internal functional space, and is made in the style of modern minimalist architecture.
Exterior finishes, made of expressive materials such as metal, concrete and wood, gives the exterior a natural and harmonious look.
The volume of the second floor slightly protrudes above the first, which creates a soaring effect. It also serves as a roof over the main entrance to the house, to protect it from weather conditions.
To slightly dilute the ascetic rectilinear volumes, in the project there are round shapes (both outside and in the interior). They give the architecture plasticity, which makes it more pleasant for human perception.

On the ground floor there are 3 main areas:
- Entrance area: small entrance hall, guest bathroom, walk-in wardrobe for outerwear and shoes. The entrance area is connected to the stairs, the space under which is used for the pantry.
- Common use area: large space for living, dining and kitchen. From the side of the living area is connected to the study room, and from the side of the kitchen - to the laundry room, which has its own independent exit outside. The main focus of this area is a harmonious connection with the outside space of the terrace and garden. It is achieved by large sliding systems, which in the open state make from the garden and the interior a whole space. A nice highlight in the terrace is the outdoor fireplace, which will provide residents with long, cozy evenings by resting between water and fire.
- Master bedroom area: self-contained unit with bedroom, wardrobe and bathroom. This area overlooks the west and has complete privacy from the common spaces.
The second floor is completely reserved for the bedrooms:
There are 3 bedrooms - with double bed, with one single bed, and with two single beds. The beds layout in these bedrooms can vary in depend of residents needs. Common bathroom is serving those rooms needs. Master bedroom has it own walk-in wardrobe and bathroom as well.
The corridor on the second floor is connected to a large terrace which is formed on the basis of the roof of the first floor. There are several ways to use this space, depending on the preferences of the residents: a green roof, an exploited terrace covered with porcelain stoneware or decking, or an unexploited roof.
This is a contest preliminary project that may need to be refined due to all factors and your wishes. But I hope for future comprehensive cooperation, if you'll appreciate it.

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