Good day,

My design layout is to maximize the circulation space within the bedroom. The space is narrow and it is long, I decided to layout the furniture in favour of the long distance so that the room can feel spacious. I have counted for the possibility of the children growing older so that the space may be effecient in size. You can now easily fit in 2 people in this room comfortably.

I chose the bunk bed system as it is economical in obtaining space for two people. The material is a steel frame, I feel that this material should be durable compared to maintaining wood.

The Wardrobe is big enough for adult size clothes and it has a fixed mirror which is very useful. The width of the wardrobe is 380mm, this is simply the best size. Anything bigger you will have difficulty moving the furniture in and making space.

The desk was chosen based on its suitability for work/study functions and it has a light feel in the bedroom. It has no unnecessary bulk, it is simple and it is neat/clean.

Thank you for this chance.
Have a great day.

One Small Bedroom - Milan


Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy