I tried to maximise the investment by creating as much bedrooms (with bathroom) as possible.
Because I can’t understand how important is a breakfast room for you, I created 2 solutions:

- WITHOUT BREAKFAST ROOM: With a smart management of the business, you can get great yield with less staying there.
This solution allows to place 5 comfortable bedrooms with private bathroom (2 bathrooms have windows) and terrace for 3 of them. Also, there’s space to create a small - but useful – office where you can keep documents for welcoming practices as well as keys and money (if you need). The office takes air and light from the larder/kitchenette: to improve air and light supply, you can open a “window” at the top of the wall opposite to the larder. Also, office and larder/kitchenette are a single area controlled by a single key, strongly distinguishing public areas from private areas.
This solution involves a dynamic management of the breakfast:
- Set a breakfast-time for your guests;
- Each bedroom is equipped with coffee machine and kettle, as well as coffee pods and tea bags, so guests can have hot drinks on their own (be careful to use only electrical utilities!);
- In the morning, prepare a cabaret - for each occupied bedroom - with croissant, biscuits, jams, juices and everything you want that doesn’t need to be hot;
- When breakfast time starts, leave the cabaret on the shelve out of each bedroom;
- Guests can have breakfast into the rooms and then leave the cabarets out of their door;
- When breakfast time ends, take the cabarets away.
N.B: The shelves out of the doors are folding ones (IKEA BJURSTA – 39,99 euro), so they don’t take up space when they’re not necessary.

- WITH BREAKFAST ROOM: Traditional solution that places 5 bedroom with private bathroom (2 bathrooms have windows) and terrace for 2 of them. I choosen the room of about 12,50 mq as breakfast room because it can’t be legally a double room and it has a large terrace, where guests can have breakfast during the warm seasons. There’s no place for a real office, but you can place a desk near the entrance or into the breakfast room, as you prefer. Close to the breakfast room there’s a larder/kitchenette, and you can open a “window” on the wall between those two rooms to increase air and light supply into the larder, as well as to improve the communication between both areas.

From the existing bathroom - down on the right side of the plan - you can create an imaginary "corridor" along the bearing wall where to realize:
- New pipe line for the new bathrooms, rising the flooring level all along the “corridor” (bathrooms and bedroom-accesses);
- Mezzanines that you can use as storage spaces or to accommodate air conditioning systems (in those areas is enough an eight of 2,40 m).