Project main purpose is to obtain the maximum quantity of rooms with private bathroom without forgoing quality and services.
I offer a 6 rooms layout, with 3 different levels of service:

- 2 single rooms / low cost double rooms (+ private bathroom). A room for one, but IKEA Brimnes single bed ( can be easily turned into a bed for two, so the room could be rented as a small double room too (for a low price).

- 2 standard double rooms (+ private bathroom).

- 2 mini studios. These double rooms (with private bathrooms) offer a mini kitchenette and can be rented for a higher price.

Every room is furnished with low cost but high performance IKEA products: beds with big drawers for storage, nightstands, shelving units, wardrobes, round bar table with stools, a good alternative to the use of the community kitchen.

Every bathroom is furnished with a basin over a vanity unit, a WC with bidet shower, a standard shower and a shelving unit. Rooms 3-2 and 6-7 bathrooms can be connected to existing sewage pipes. Different solutions could be explored for rooms 4-5 bathrooms, depending on the floor slabs situation: connection to the existing sewage pipes partially elevating floor height; connection to the existing sewage pipes making the new pipes run under lower floor ceiling and hiding it with a false ceiling; creation of a new sewage system running along the exterior wall (the correct solution can't be chosen at this moment, I need further information).

The kitchen remains in the same position, so the terrace can be used for eating too.

I propose to use coloured resin both for flooring and bathroom wall covering. It's an easy-cleaning solution that gives a modern look to the space and a good contrast effect if we leave the existing walls rough.

One of the three entrances can be closed thus obtaining a utility room for cleaning stuff, etc.