Maximizing the usable area / Minimizing the cost.

As per the clients’ requirements, we have tried to minimize the disturbance in the existing floor. The provision for toilets attached to all the guest rooms becomes a guiding factor for design. As far as possible, the proposed toilets have been kept in and around the existing drain pipes. Wherever new plumbing is to be installed, the floor shall be raised (please refer diagram above)

As you enter the B&B, you are greeted by the open breakfast lounge with seating for 8 people and a breakfast bar. This space spills out into the terrace for times when the weather is good.

5 rooms are proposed, all with twin occupancy. The smaller rooms are on the right side of the corridor with bunk beds. A TV unit and storage is provided in the room. The larger rooms are on the left side of the corridor. These rooms can easily be turned into apartments for a longer duration of stay. Each of these rooms is provided with a small kitchenette, a twin bed, custom cupboards for storage and a coffee tables with a couple of chairs. All of the rooms in the villa would have a slightly different character and this could be beneficial for catering to a larger cross section of tourists.

The furniture proposed is a mixture of classic / modern in earthy tones and natural finishes. The colour palette suggested is light tones- that would complement this volume so that the guest can appreciate the views and the light coming in from the outside through the tall windows in each room. Light coloured laminate flooring, creams, whites and grays on the walls are suggested.