The overall concept of the project is to create a light interior atmosphere showcasing modernity while still creating a natural looking space to live with.

Such concept was achieved thru filling up the interior with light colored materials (e.i. white) accenting it with dark colored once to avoid a flat monotonous interior scene. Natural earth textures (e.i. wood) were integrated not only on the finishes but also on the choice of furniture to achieve a good balance between modernity and nature. Likewise, articulation of surfaces was balanced by introducing upholstered furniture in conjunction with typically flat interior surfaces creating subtle transitions and plays between highlights and shadows. This creates some drama to the interiors.

Some functionality issue was also addressed by the proposed design. The current circulation between the kitchen and dining area is quite obstructed by the presence of two doors in between these two spaces. That would hinder seamless serving of food from kitchen to dining area and vice versa. The solution is to create an opening in the common wall of these areas and put up a bar counter. With this, the bar could blend the functionality of the dining area and kitchen and create a seamless connection between the two. The bar could serve small easy meals and an extension of the kitchen work area. Without the wall, conversations between the family members are also seamless as this spaces serve as a medium of social interactions.

On the other hand, some interior layouts, especially bathrooms, were kept untouched. Because rearranging the fixtures would create conflicts with the existing plumbing system and, thus, would incur more cost.

I'm hoping that with this proposal, I'd satisfied your needs and wants in your ideal home.